International or National Repatriation

Repatriation is taking home the body or the remains of someone who has died in a foreign land, a land that is not of their birth or that of their ancestors. There may be a personal desire to be buried in one’s native country or the need to bring the deceased back to New Zealand.

Wairarapa Funeral Services are able to offer an expert worldwide repatriation service. In conjunction with this we also provide a service to all the main centres around New Zealand where there is a registered funeral firm.

Repatriation Includes:

  • The transfer of the deceased.
  • The embalming of the deceased and the provision of a suitable casket for air transport.
  • The legal documentation for foreign shipment and the documents to the Consulate’s Office.
  • The air transportation to the deceased’s country of origin.

You should contact us as soon as possible to help with repatriation of the deceased.