When Someone You Love Dies

When a loved one passes away it can be a sad time and very confusing time. Wairarapa Funeral Services can help you through this period and advise and assist you to help make the funeral arrangements stress-free.

below are some steps to take

Whether a death occurs in a hospital, rest home or at a private residence a doctor needs to certify the death by completing a Medical Certificate of Causes of Death.

If a loved one has passed away in a hospital or rest home, the staff will be able to assist with the medical details, however you will need to make contact with the funeral provider of your choice.

If someone passes away at home then the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact the deceased’s doctor so that they can officially verify that a death has occurred. Make sure to check that they will also be the doctor to sign the Death Certificate.
  • Contact a funeral director of your choice so that the funeral arrangements can begin. The funeral director will be able to organise the transfer of the body and all relevant details.
  • Family members and friends will need to be notified as will any palliative care teams that have been involved with the deceased.

If death has occurred as the result of an accident, or was unexpected then the Police and the Coroner will need to be involved.

The family is under no obligation to use the funeral provider contracted for the original transfer of the deceased.