Burial or Cremation

Sometimes the deceased will have pre-planned their funeral, and their wishes are usually followed. If they have not left any instructions then it is up to the family to decide whether there is a burial or a cremation.

Burial provides a special place where family can visit and remember the deceased. Burial involves buying a plot and paying an interment fee which covers the cost of digging the grave, and usually the purchase of a memorial or headstone.

In New Zealand burials are limited by law to official cemeteries or traditional burial grounds.

With cremation there is no restriction on specific burial places.

Ashes can be buried in a cemetery or special memorial area; or they can be scattered somewhere the family or deceased felt appropriate, such as in a garden, at sea or in a favourite place. A memorial or plaque is often chosen to provide a focal point for family and friends.

After the cremation process, the deceased’s ashes may be uplifted from Wairarapa Funeral Services, normally within 48 hours.


Wairarapa Funeral Services have a large range of caskets and urns available. They vary considerably from traditional solid woods to lightly oiled natural timbers and can include colourful painted or patterned and themed caskets.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a wide range of alternative, eco-friendly options such as woolen or wicker caskets and sustainable NZ pine and Rimu caskets which will lessen your environmental footprint.

Choices can depend on affordability, what appeals, and what you regard as a fitting tribute to the deceased.

Our staff will be able to guide you through the selection, and you are able to view the options in our on site showroom.

For information or advice please click here or contact us on 06 370 1110.